Precision vibration measurements are critical to HCF control. Every IBD vibrates differently, so you don’t know your rotor’s risk until you test it. That’s why Blade Diagnostics developed EzVIBES – an advanced vibration measurement system for IBDs.

EzVIBES is an automated, precision test system that measures how the part vibrates when it’s excited by engine-like force. The key to EzVIBES is Blade Diagnostics’ unique AutoPoint® technology, which has the world’s highest standard of accuracy and repeatability.

EzVIBES performs a non-contact and non-destructive evaluation. It works by using an array of speakers to produce forces similar to those that the IBD would experience in an engine. Then the vibration of the IBD is measured at multiple points per blade using a highly sensitive laser vibrometer.

There was a time when precise vibration testing was the realm of engineers, but with Blade Diagnostics’ unique technologies, technicians can now perform precise and repeatable measurements with the EzVIBES system. This critical feature allows our test platforms to be incorporated into the shop repair process, while keeping operating costs low.

EzVIBES is the core measurement system behind various Blade Diagnostics applications, including the IBD Engine Simulator, HCF Risk Evaluator, and SmartBlend® repair technology.