High Cycle Fatigue problems can be very costly to engine development programs. Discovering that a stage has excessive vibratory response when you get to an engine test can set an engine development program back months and tens of millions of dollars. Blade Diagnostics will help your program succeed by catching designs that are at high risk of HCF early in the development process.

Blade Diagnostics uses vibration data to tell you more about your bladed disk than you ever thought possible. We can use your vibration data or generate high quality vibration data in our IBD Engine Test Simulator – an inexpensive benchtop test of an IBD that mimics a full vibration test in the engine. We then analyze the vibration data to extract the IBD’s Vibratory DNA® using BDC’s proprietary software. Just as an organism’s DNA determines its traits, the Vibratory DNA of an IBD determines how it will vibrate under different conditions. We use the Vibratory DNA of an IBD to assess its robustness before it is ever put in an engine.