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Balde Diagnostics Corporation Data Analysis Services

BDC develops experimental and analytical technologies for assessing the vibratory response of Integrally Bladed Rotors. BDC technology is also used to extract information from spin-pit and engine testing of conventional bladed disks during component development or to establish the root cause of High Cycle Fatigue failures.

Blade Diagnostics News

Siemens Purchased License for BDC Turbine Blade Health Monitoring Software

Blade Diagnostics Corporation (BDC) was founded to develop products for analyzing and controlling turbine blade vibration. BDC was founded by Dr. Jerry Griffin who was a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and the world’s expert on blade mistuning. In 2005 Professor Griffin retired from CMU so that he could focus on BDC. One of the products that BDC has developed is called, EzID™. EzID extracts the natural frequencies of individual turbine blades from the complex vibratory response that the blades experience when in operation. The frequency of a blade is important because it can be used to monitor the blade’s health for continuing use.

Turbine blades can fail from high cycle fatigue caused by excessive vibratory response. Initially, a blade develops a small crack that gradually grows until the blade fails. If a blade fails then part of the blade breaks off and, in turn, may strike other blades causing a cascade of failures. This may result in an emergency shut-down of power generation equipment or loss of thrust in an aircraft engine. Siemens is a world leader in steam turbine technology with over 100 years of experience and continuous development, and a fleet of more than 20,000 installed turbines. BDC is providing Siemens Energy with Health Monitoring services for their land based power systems.

Siemens has measurement systems that can continuously monitor the vibratory response of the blades while the turbine is in operation. BDC processes the vibration data and uses BDC unique technology EzID to extract the natural frequencies of the blades. A decrease in natural frequency is indicative that a blade may be cracked. Consequently, the technology can monitor the health of the blades while the turbine is in continuous operation. BDC and Siemens have successfully demonstrated that the system can detect small cracks and track their progression so that the turbine can continue to operate until a managed shut-down is implemented. As a result, Siemens has purchased for its field of use an exclusive, world-wide license for BDC Health Monitoring Technologies.

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Jerry Griffin

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Reduced Vibration Through Smart Blade Arrangements

Blade Diagnostics has developed technology to reduce the vibration of conventionally attached turbine blades by optimizing the arrangement of the blades around the disk.